Ranger® 260MPX Engine Driven Welder (Kohler®) (K3458-1)

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Perfect welder/generator with excellent multi-process capability for stick, TIG, MIG while providing clean AC generator output.


    • The Ranger® 260MPX engine driven welder/generator excels on the job. The unit's industry-leading design makes it smaller, lighter and quieter than other machines in its class, while an intuitive user interface with advanced technology helps simplify operation and improve arc control. You can also count on a reliable source of clean generator power to run a variety of tools and sensitive equipment.
  • Industry-Leading Design - The Ranger 260MPX welder/generator is smaller and quieter compared to other machines in its class.
    • Up to 20% smaller - more space for additional tools
    • Up to 25% lighter - easy maneuverability around the jobsite
    • Up to 60% quieter - reduced noise level helps enhance safety and comfort
  • Innovative User-Interface + Advanced Technology
    • Easy-to-read digital screen with simple push-and-turn controls
    • Ready.Set.Weld® technology simplifies setup with recommended settings
    • The Chopper Technology® feature helps improve arc control
    • CrossLinc® remote technology allows for arc adjustments at the weld
    • Maintenance alerts keep you informed when service is needed
  • Clean Generator Power
    • 9.5kW of clean AC generator power accommodates a variety of tools and equipment
    • Operate sensitive electronics, like laptops, without concern - this unit delivers clean generator power with 5% Total Harmonic Distortion
    • Run generator power and weld at the same time, without interruption


  • Stick
  • Flux-core
  • MIG
  • TIG

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