MDX-250 MIG Welding Gun, 15ft, .035-.045 wire, AccuLock MDX Consumables (1770038)

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250A rated output. Next-level advancements include a comfortable new handle with rubber overmolding and rear swivel, optimized wire-feed path for reliable performance, and simplified maintenance.

  • Durable, Comfortable Handle
    • Durable handle features rubber overmolding for improved grip and comfort. Ball-and-socket rear swivel provides a freer range of motion to reduce welder fatigue.
  • Superior Wire-Feeding
    • Wire delivery is optimized because the front-loading AccuLock liner is locked and concentrically aligned with the contact tip and power pin. Reduces downtime and troubleshooting.
  • Pulse Welding Capable
    • Increased copper in the gun cable ensures reliable performance with CV and pulse waveforms.
  • Error-Proof Liner Trimming
    • No measuring required! Simplifies welder training and prevents downtime and weld quality issues caused by improperly trimmed liners.
  • Fewer Parts, More Accuracy
    • Stock a single line of consumables. AccuLock S Consumables can be shared across all of your Miller MDX-250 MIG guns, Bernard BTB MIG guns and Clean Air Fume Extraction MIG guns reducing inventory and decreasing replacement errors.
  • Long-Life Consumables
    • Tapered mating surfaces between the AccuLock contact tip and diffuser locks the tip in place for maximized electrical conductivity and lower heat.

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