Flextec 650X Multi-Process Welder w/ CrossLinc Technology (K3425-1)

Lincoln Electric

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Multi-process power source for heavy duty applications. CrossLinc Technology compatible.


  • Simple
    • Use with a wide range of available 3 phase input power
    • Easy one-knob process selection
    • Fast arc response means smooth arc action and consistent bead appearance
    • User weld schedule memory storage allows easy recall of your critical or often repeated weld procedures with applicable feeders (User weld schedule memory settings available only with Power Feed and Flex Feed 84 wire feeders)
    • Synergic one knob control over wire feed speed and voltage with applicable feeders (Synergic control available only with Power Feed wire feeders)
  • Reliable
    • Components designed to run cool for long life in high temperature environments
    • Engineered for outdoor use and harsh environments (IP23 rated)
    • Desert Duty Rated for extreme temperatures up to 55?C
  • Flexible
    • Ideal for large diameter wire or stick welding on thick materials
    • Compatible with most Lincoln Electric feeders, including common bench and boom models, portable across-the-arc models and CrossLinc or ArcLink-equipped models
    • Premium multi-process arc characteristics on all DC wire, stick and TIG processes
  • CrossLinc Technology Compatibility
    • Full functionality without control cables
    • Enables remote procedure setting at the feeder to improve weld quality
    • Increases arc time with fewer trips to the power source to adjust settings
    • Improves safety by reducing jobsite clutter
    • CrossLinc compatible accessory required
  • Up to 800A of output

What's Included

  • Flextec 650X power source


  • MIG
  • Flux-core
  • Stick
  • TIG

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Extra Information

Lincoln Electric
Input Phase:
Input Voltage:
460/575 V
MIG Welding Thickness Capability (steel):
>1/2 in.
Lift Eye