Collet - WT-9/WT-20 Series Torch – 3/32" (13N23)

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*Product sold individually; manufacturer-sealed package quantity is 5 units*

Collets are used in conjunction with a back cap and collet body or gas lens to secure the tungsten electrode in the TIG torch. As the back cap is tightened, the collet tightens around the tungsten electrode. Collets are sized according to the diameter of the tungsten electrode being used. Use with the properly sized collet body or gas lens.

For use with the following torches:

  • WT-9 Series
  • i-Head 9 Series
  • Stubby 9 Series
  • Rocker 9V - 9FV
  • WT-20Series
  • i-Head 20 Series
  • Stubby 20 Series
  • Speedway SW-320

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