Cartridge: SmartSYNC 85 A FlushCut (428953)


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The Hypertherm cartridge marks a revolutionary change to traditional plasma consumables. The cartridge is the product of several years of plasma engineering design expertise, combined with advanced manufacturing processes and materials. The result is a simplified consumable platform that is far from simple in performance. FlushCut cartridges are designed to cut attachments, lugs, pad eyes, and other positive features as close to the base as possible without piercing or damaging the workpiece.

  • Innovative consumable design requires equally advanced manufacturing capabilities
    • Automated assembly of the components in the cartridge ensures perfect alignment
    • Eliminates the question of which parts need to be changed, and when
    • Cartridge-to-torch installation is a simple and fast three?quarter turn
    • Management of consumable inventory is dramatically simplified
  • Cartridge Design Benefits
    • Consolidation of consumable parts into a single-piece cartridge results in proper alignment of components, and optimization of the plasma process. Cartridge eliminates the mixing of new parts with used parts common during standard consumable change outs. The result is improved and consistent cut quality outcomes
    • Cartridges have RFID tags that enable automated process set-up for Powermax SYNC systems using SmartSYNC torches. The tag also records valuable usage data for tracking consumable utilization and performance
    • Cartridges are color coded by process and feature easy?to-read laser marking. Selecting the correct cartridge for the job at hand maximizes life and provides optimal outcomes
  • 85 A FlushCut cartridges are compatible with:
    • SmartSYNC torches for Powermax85/105 SYNC systems

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