TIG Welding Half Day - GTAW

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The half day TIG, GTAW welding course is a great solution for those looking to hone their skills with hands-on TIG welding instruction. The class covers the fundamentals of machine set-up, machine consumables, filler metal, welding technique, and the effects of electricity on the weld.

Classes are three and a half hours long with lecture and lab time.

Additional Information:


  • If a student doesn't have the PPE described above, these items will be provided for use during class.
  • Leather closed toed shoes are required in the welding lab.
  • Absolutely no shorts or open toed shoes are allowed in the welding lab.

General Air Denver

1105 Zuni St.

Denver, CO 80204

For questions regarding registration, please contact Katie Oestman at registration@generalair.com


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