1/8" Stay Brite Solder 1# (SB61POP)

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Soldering Properties

Stay Brite is a lead-free solder engineered to provide a strong, ductile connection on copper, brass, steel, and stainless steel. The silver color is also a good color match to stainless steel. It is a eutectic alloy with a single melting temperature. This low temperature/rapid melting characteristic promotes capillary flow and less base metal distortion and oxidation.

Available Forms

Standard diameters in spools, strip, and preform rings.

Recommended Flux

Harris Stay Clean paste flux and Harris Bridgit Burn resistant paste flux are good choices for soldering copper and brass. For copper tube plumbing applications Bridgit Water Soluble flux may also be used.

For soldering steel or stainless-steel Harris Stay Clean® liquid flux is recommended. Stay Clean liquid is an active flux that provides improved oxide removal and protection when soldering ferrous metals.

Remove flux residue upon completion.

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