Heavy Duty Combination Torch Outfit with Acetylene Tips, CGA 510 (HBA-40510)

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Complete oxy-fuel system that can handle high gas flow for faster cutting, heating, brazing and welding. The SC200 cutting attachment can cut up to 8-inch thick steel with the appropriate tip. Our heavy-duty combination torch outfit with acetylene tips is the quality product you’ve been searching for. 

What's Included

  • Torch Handle (WH200A)
  • Safety Glasses (78000)
  • Cutting Attachment (SC209)
  • Oxygen Regulator(40-175-540)
  • Acetylene Regulator (40-15-510)
  • 2 Cutting Tips (SC12-1 & SC12-2)
  • Welding Tip (SW205)
  • Heating Tip (ST602)
  • 25-ft 1/4 in. Twin Hose (RL1131)
  • Friction Lighter (16571)
  • Tip cleaner (16570)
  • Torch Mount Flashback Arrestors (H743)
  • Operations Manual

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